The Internet is fun. Between searches and related links, you can find just about anything – a fraction of it is even amusing and/or true. One of my favorite comics of all time, XKCD, has it about right:

WordPress offers a few statistics to indulge the narcissistic nature of its bloggers. In honor of countless hours searching and clicking, and because some of them are amusing, I thought it might be interesting to keep a running list of the search strings to which The Popdialectic apparently answers:

  • popdialectic (4 times)
  • pine grove campground and waterfowl park (2 times)
  • roger rabbit (2 times)
  • fear of peacocks (2 times)
  • “the money is expensive, but…” (2 times)
  • masturbatory hyperbole (1 times)
  • super happy fun ball sunlight (1 times)
  • tv commercial want 2500 in your checking (1 times)
  • “this picture is priceless” (1 times)
  • how to get 2500 in your checking account (1 times)
  • western sky money lending (1 times)
  • native american “yes the money is expens (1 times)
  • popdialectic.wordpress (1 times)
  • downfall (1 times)
  • cash call “western sky” (1 times)
  • lysol (1 times)
  • “need $2500 in your checking account by (1 times)
  • the things they carried language (1 times)
  • the things they carried short story (1 times)
  • travel blog (1 times)
  • the downfall show (1 times)
  • downfall game show hooters (1 times)
  • “lamebook” (1 times)
  • “gooney creek campground” (1 times)
  • victoria (1 times)
  • macho clipart (1 times)
  • “gooney creek” snakes (1 times)
  • cashpoint stupid commercials (1 times)
  • 01silence.wordpress (1 times)
  • the lady who works at hooters on downfal (1 times)
  • fifa writing (1 times)
  • i sound my yawp across the rooftops of t (1 times)
  • western sky money lending native america (1 times)

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