Tuesday Redux

I suppose those of us who supported the President’s re-election should probably take the results and run, and I would, but it turns out that I’m not done musing about the election and its aftermath. Maybe we all have to put down the guns at the same time. A couple of quick thoughts.

I am flabbergasted — my gast is flabbered — at those who have suggested that more of the country is red than blue, and so make insinuate that President Obama shouldn’t really have won the election. My mental narration dresses the person from whom this comes in overalls and has him looking balefully as me like the kid from Deliverance, ready to duel me with his banjo if I disagree.

“I dunno,” my imaginary debate opponent drawls dubiously, and I can imagine the significant pause while he prepares me for the second half of his statement, which to me actually will be his second statement. He sends a glob of tobacco juice several effortless yards. “I see an awful lot of red on that map.”

“We’re all seeing a lot of red, friend,” I respond. And he doesn’t understand what I mean, so to make things more clear even while knowing I probably should be superimposing pictures instead of words, I would mark up a map of the red and blue states, and show my genius friend what is where in this country.

I would explain that my map shows the 20 largest cities by population in the US. Then I would explain that we count people, not acreage, when we’re figuring out who won an election, and that there are more cities in the states that went blue than red. Also that there are 779 universities (the other place where people are concentrated, and concentrate) in states that went for Romney, while there are 1,369 in states that went for Obama. We’d be totally clear that wasn’t a snide dig regarding intelligence. For shits and giggles, we’d agree the fact that a majority of states went for the President. Then we could laugh about how things might have been different if cows and sheep could vote, but not so much if pigs could vote, because President Obama is a Muslim and he probably would have smoked Romney on the porcine demographic. Then we would get out our crayons and color in pictures of The Rapture.

Hey, getting outscored by more than 100 is a little embarrassing, especially when you’ve been living in your own little anti-fact bubble. I get it. You’ll get no argument from me that the ole’ E.C. is an anachronistic system and it should be scrapped. That will never happen because the small states will never consent to having their votes obscured in relation to their larger neighbors, but I’ll grant you that it’s awkward when President Obama takes 50% of the popular vote but over 60% of the Electoral College. Ask Al Gore about awkward.

Most people on the right are smart and well-reasoned and so while I may be sounding harsh, you have to admit the Romney-supporters-voted-in-a-bigger-room argument is specious. Most of the people I know who supported Mitt Romney, and I honestly do believe the man want to be President for the right reasons and wish him well, have been gracious in defeat. In the interest of harmony and closure, here’s a graphic I really like that Cousin Coles put together and posted to Facebook. This is more of the blend that led to the final result, and you can see how almost everywhere was a close vote:

image courtesy of facebook.com/djcousincole

Just to be clear, he’s not actually my cousin. I don’t know whether “cousin” is his name, a nickname, maybe a title like Elder Mitt Romney, or what. I uploaded his image here instead of linking to it for convenience and permanency, but I appreciate the work that went into making the graphic and want to be sure to say thanks. Last I checked, he had more than 1,200 shares on Facebook. Not bad at all.

Last thing, and because I’ve been too serious lately, I’ll leave you with a fun conversation I witnessed via Facebook on Tuesday. This is the wall of an extremely smart friend from high school, and I like the vibe of her circle.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Redux

  1. That's Rubin with four eyes... says:

    Loving the gradient picture of the vote statistics. If only our congressional leaders could meld together so well… Alas, at last check they had an approval rating of 6% (I rounded up). I had a higher approval rating the last time I changed the air quality in an elevator. There seems to be merit in the phrase “Congressmen are a lot like diapers; they should be changed frequently, and for the same reasons.”

    Without a doubt, I have serious concerns regarding a process that allows an individual to win the popular vote without winning the election (Nice try you self-proclaimed almighty creator of the Internet). I’m even more concerned by the fact the improper recipient of the confirmation to office in fact ended up with a second term.

    Subsequently, Florida remains in my top 3 states to never visit. Along with Texas, which tried to kill my wife last year, and the great state of denial. You’re never wrong if you sound confident enough in your answers… Ask any bible thumper.

    Keep the peace, keep fighting the good fight, and avoid my elevator.


    • popdialectic says:

      Sorry you’re not a fan of the winner, but I can respect that. In the meantime, I’m as frustrated by the Electoral College by most people but don’t see that changing as long as a majority of states need to ratify a Constitutional amendment to change it, when a lot of those states enjoy disproportionate influence to their size or because they are battleground states. I suspect that an easier – and even more logical – target for electoral reform would be to appoint nonpartisan commissions to draw up voting districts, which are gerrymandered outrageously by interest groups on both sides of the aisle.

      I’m not going anywhere near your elevator, and appreciate the heads-up. 🙂

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