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The Unpack Rat

They say, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I say, you don’t know what you can live without until you do it. Continue reading

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Kanga — Oh, No You Didn’t

Work demands are at lightspeed and my network is practically running on dialup. I just watched my data transfer countdown go from 51 to 48 minutes … that took 15 minutes, and inspired in me all the sexiness and enthusiasm … Continue reading

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A Gift for Presentation

I wrote a while back about what I do for a living. Electronic discovery is a pretty easy concept to grasp, but it takes years of seeing and stomping through the myriad evolving details to become good at it. What’s … Continue reading

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Mailbag, and a Mystery Solved

It’s been a while since we went to the mailbag, so cue another installment of one of the Popdialectic’s regular features. Before you get too comfortable with all the adoration below, however, bounce over and check out a themed mailbag … Continue reading

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Signs That You’re in London, pt. II

It occurred to me that, considering the weather and the pollen here, and my recent posts, this feature could be retitled, “Sinus You Haute Not Be in London.” But the original essay was a celebration of accidental other-cultural humor, not … Continue reading

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Everyone on the Peace Train

Mass transit is half insane, half frustrating, and wholly interesting. Continue reading

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