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Life Without Facebook

I frequently hear people say, “I’m a Facebook addict.” When those words used to escape my mouth, I used to quirk my internal eyebrows a little and wonder whether it was actually true — I say used to because the … Continue reading

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When Google Fails

Sometimes the answers are right there. I know I’m hyper-inquisitive, but it isn’t always rocket science. I get a puzzled/irked feeling when I see someone post, “Who is Nick Park?” in response to someone’s status update. If you’d typed it … Continue reading

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To Those I Didn’t Have a Chance to Complain About in Person

Delta actually did a great job getting me where I was going. Fellow travellers, not so much. Continue reading

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Three Generations are Enough

I like where PETA is going with this one, but unless you have a well-developed sense of irony, there are some contests you don’t want to win. Continue reading

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Union Delusions

I want people to have good jobs as much as the next guy, but I wonder whether unions are really a good way to accomplish that anymore. Continue reading

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Loose Ends and Wheat Thins

I wouldn’t count “setting things on fire” among my goals, but it still seems to happen more frequently than to most. Continue reading

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