The Popdialectic Turns 100!

I thought about titling this one, “The Popdialectic: A Pillar of the Online Community.” Okay, not really. Actually, the site turns one year old in about a little under two weeks, but the 100th post seems like as good a time as any to have a little party and reflect on where my blog has been.

I mentioned to Alison that I was coming up on the 100-post milestone and she mused, “I’m surprised that it took this long.” Some simple math shows that I’ve averaged about a post every 3+ days, which isn’t too bad for someone who originally intended to get up a post a week. I think Alison actually meant it seemed like I’d posted more over the last year. Certainly she wasn’t pointing out that I’m not as dedicated as she is … well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

For fun, I went back and re-read my original Manifesto. Amid the blather about the philosophy of didactics, I said I was going to “crow about a new recipe, post videos that I think are witty, or rant about marketing (not its existence, but lack of effort/talent).” Among other things. Although my first series of posts read more like columns than do those I tend to churn out now, I think I’ve stayed pretty faithful to that complete lack of mission. I still do a fair amount of research on a few entries, as evidenced by the gaggle of half-written posts littering my hard drive. I’ve done a relatively decent job of staying away from work topics and embarassing friends and family. Those things may change.

Since this is kind of like New Year’s for my blog, I thought I’d try to come up with a couple of resolutions. I’m going to tell more personal stories about things in the past, so if you’re a good friend of mine, look to show up in posts. I’m going to start going back to several of my favorite formats, such as (the cliched) Top 10 lists, marketing fails and mail bag entries. I’m also going to go back to some of my more involved entries here and there, because those were fun to research and write.

Alison rightly points out that I put up posts that could actually be multiple entries, but the fun in an involved essay is too much for me to resist and it’s about quality, not quantity – as long as I post at least once or twice a week, I’ll be happy. So since I aspire to reasonable resolutions, I’m not going to promise anything more than that. There won’t be a new entry every single day, but I’ve added a subscription link to my menu, so please, if you want to keep up with the blog without having to visit constantly, click in and subscribe. I promise I won’t give out your email address for any reason or subscribe you to midget porn (unless you want me to, because I have some good links).

Raise a glass, friends, even if you’re just humoring me. Another year of the Popdialectic is on tap.

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One Response to The Popdialectic Turns 100!

  1. pithypants says:

    Damn, that Alison sure sounds BOSSY.

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