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My Way with the Ladies

Through one unfortunate incident, I discovered that not having a way with the ladies doesn’t only hurt me. Continue reading

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I’m Going to Need Some New Umbros

For the rest of my life, people would know me only as “Loose Stool,” and they would see me and make fart noises with their mouths. Continue reading

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The Popdialectic Turns 100!

The 100th post seems like as good a time as any to have a little party. Continue reading

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What I’m Thinking When I Fly Without Enough Coffee

Goodness. I just realized that I’m flying home from Chicago late this evening, and I haven’t even said my piece about the trip out here yet. Before more airport entertainment and frustration bumps the stories and personalities I already have … Continue reading

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Pirates, Ninjas and Apocalypse

The Gone-Away World is an extraordinary first novel, full of bold characters and a wonderful story. Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland

My message to our Midwestern brethren: shut up. We’ve heard how rough you have it, but the snow still sucks. Continue reading

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