Mail Bag, pt. I

My friends, it’s been almost ten months that the Popdialectic has been broadening minds through incisive commentary on the issues of our time. Over that time, my readers (mostly family members) have commented again and again to the effect that I am performing a valuable public service. Not for nothing, those readers have also observed that I am smarter, more charming and better looking than the competition. As if that were not enough, though, I’ve saved some of the more intriguing comments that I’ve received. Akismet has helpfully screened most of them, but I read everything and would like to reply to a few of my obviously fervent fans.

Lovely sharp post. Never thought that it was this easy. Extolment to you!

I can’t quite put my finger on why, but even though “haus-und-garten” probably means “house and garden,” somehow it sounds like underwear to me (hose and garters?). That it’s steel and sold online only makes it more intriguing. Just between us, though, Mr. Cod Piece … here at the Popdialectic, we only make it look easy. I appreciate the extolment. But only if you meant it to be what I think it is.

A truly beneficial publish by you my good friend. We have bookmarked this web page and can are available back again following several days to verify for almost any new posts that you just make.

Thanks! Finally, someone who understands that I undertook this site to the beneficial publish of mankind. My interest piqued by this patron of philosophy, I ran his DNS (it hopped 16 times before the trace aborted itself) and saw he was in Brazil. That made me wonder about the East Asian characters that made up his username. But positive feedback from anyone called “The Helmsman” is always welcome.

helo The Popdialectic , i read your blog , this a nice blog and greatly. Great for everyone. bulk and Trips of State content. i will often to read and review your site.
seo thai

Seo Thai clearly knows what he’s talking about. I briefly considered that this might be a cut-and-paste comment after seeing the “bulk and Trips of State content” portion, but if s/he is often to read me, I’ll just appreciate the greatly comments.

helo The Popdialectic , i review your blog , that a nice blog and perfect. Good for me. best review for and $200 million content. i going to visit to read and comment your website.
บริการ seo

I take back the previous my previous acceptance of compliments. I can guess to which post “best review for and $200 million content” is referring, but I’m starting to think you aren’t really listening, Seo. I checked out your website and it doesn’t even look like that’s your real name. Belay that – I’ll retain the “perfect” part.


Somehow I didn’t manage to save the actual comment that came from this gentleman, but I’m pretty sure he’s one of Superman’s enemies (I don’t really know how to spell “Mitzlplyk”). Sometimes I wish that just saying commenters’ names backwards could banish spam to their dimersion of origin. If you understand this response, you are clearly a good friend of mine.

woot, thank you! I’ve finally came across a website where the owner knows what they’re talking about. You know how many results are in Google when I check.. too many! It’s so annoying having to go from page after page after page, wasting my day away with tons of owners just copying eachother’s articles… ugh. Anyway, thankyou for the information anyway, much appreciated.

I’ve long held the opinion that, as the authority on anything I address, Google should be listing pages of the Popdialectic first in search results. I would like to thank WH Tech Products for finally answering my plaintive, “Can I get a ‘w00t’ on that one?” You are welcome.

Distant runner-up-ship on the credit scale (really, just an “E” for effort) goes to the enterprising reader who managed to leave a TinyURL as their commenter name, and directed me to a website something like this:

ozgoaeaswlgm [link=] etc.

Note: this is not the actual web site. I have no idea what they were trying to get me to click on, but I’m not so curious that I feel like wrestling with my anti-virus software for a week before being able to eliminate search toolbars and adware. So I won’t inflict that on anyone who reads this, either.

Greetings, this is a truly absorbing web blog and I’ve cherished studying many with the content and posts contained around the internet site, maintain up the excellent perform and need to learn a great deal additional stimulating posts inside the long term.

Apart from the fact that saying “web blog” is like saying “ATM machine,” I’m happy to add being cherished to the growing list of accolades for the Popdialectic. Beyond that, I’ll be frank … you lost me. I try to write inside the long term … I will endeavor to maintain up the excellent perform … oh, who am I kidding. I have no idea what you intend me to take from this, but it was complimentary enough that I followed back to your URL and was similarly confused by the lone post: “Pondering of Selling Merchandise In excess of the Web? Don’t Run Prior to You Can Stroll!” I think I would be really flattered if only I was half as nutty as you sound.

This blog started as a way to recapture the discipline necessary to finish my book, but as the months pass, I am starting to realize how I am touching people’s lives and solving critical issues of the day. PLEASE! Keep the comments coming!

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One Response to Mail Bag, pt. I

  1. Lucas says:

    Like your blog much I do.

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