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My Favorite Annual Wrap-Up

Every year, the snarkiest things that anyone has said about anything that has happened, are collected on Continue reading

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They’re endorsing the ASPCA, but it looks more like they just want to be dirty. Continue reading

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For the Record, Santa

I’m tempted to deface these family badges, but only when Santa isn’t looking. Continue reading

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Something Wicked This Way Works

When I was growing up, my Mother used to read the Oz books to my brother, sister and me over breakfast. Any time we’d come to a challenging word, we’d have a family discussion about what it meant and the … Continue reading

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For the Tammy Faye in All of Us

If I want my face frozen into place, I’ll just stick it out the front window. Continue reading

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Mail Bag, pt. I

Spam can be affirming, supportive and confusing. Continue reading

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If You’re Sick, See a Doctor

I say to you, Fart Ninja, Silent but Violent, you are mighty. Continue reading

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