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The Sights of South Beach

Walking the streets of South Beach for a few days was like landing on another planet. A sexy, tattoed planet. Continue reading

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One For Our Homies

I’m pretty sure Alison poured one for all our homies, to date and forever. So at the near expense of getting kicked out of our hotel, at least we have Karma covered. Continue reading

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I Don’t Want to be a Funniest Home Video

My attention is frequently occupied just trying not to become a viral video myself. Continue reading

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Ten Rules for Sports Broadcasts

It seems to me that the best way to continue to respect sports would be if everyone actually involved would shut the hell up. Continue reading

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Those Kids Will Make You Crazy

Math teacher Donald Wood was confronted with a classroom full of rambunctious students, and proceeded to show them the square root of batshit crazy. Continue reading

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Base and Baldfaced Baby Branding

When you decide that crowdsourcing your child’s name is a good idea, you’ve probably taken one too many hits from a 300-pound lineman. Continue reading

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Gold Does Magic

Carter Beats the Devil, by Glen David Gold, is a fun read even if it isn’t elite fiction. Continue reading

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Neither Wind Nor Rain Nor Traffic Laws

Want to know why the Postal Service is bleeding money? Take your pick. Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on My Return

When there’s no cohesive message on your mind, sometimes the only thing to do is relate the random things that pass for your thoughts. Continue reading

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