When the Animals Take Over, Some of You are Going to Burn

I have to be honest, animals’ rights are not my top priority. I’m as disgusted as anyone when I see documentary footage of slaughter house abuses. Dog fighting is reprehensible. Wiping out species without regard to what it does to our environment is short-sighted and stupid. I’m glad that PETA and groups like them champion causes such as these, but were I to take up a public issue, it would probably be one benefitting people. That said, the depths of cruelty of which people are capable is a slap in the face sometimes.

Somehow I have to reconcile all of this with an abiding adoration of cheeseburgers – along the way, I settled on the idea that I’m going to eat animals, but I’d prefer they be raised and killed as humanely as possible. Call it an aspiration to be an omnivore with a conscience. Free range? Sure. Grass raised? Yes, Please. I’m willing to pay more for meat that has been raised in circumstances approximating what livestock could have experienced had they been wild. Every November, I do my best to take a deer to stock the freezer with ground venison, but we hunters have a firm rule that you must kill anything you shoot at, and you only shoot at what you intend to eat.

All that being said, I love dogs and have learned to tolerate most cats. What I can’t understand is people that kill animals without good reason. Alison noted in a recent blog post the guy that had a cat literally marinating in the trunk of his car. Somehow that didn’t seem as egregious as the footage of David Motari, the U.S. Marine in Iraq who threw a dog off a cliff. That could be because there was no video footage or it could be because the cat survived. Or it could be because Gary Korkuc (our aspiring cat chef) looks batshit crazy in his mug shot and you’re mildly surprised it wasn’t a child. I remember watching the dog-cliff footage repeatedly because I wasn’t even convinced that the dog was still alive when he threw it; later reports of Motari’s own defense confirmed that it was.

But just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water, someone does something so stunningly cruel and stupid, you’re tempted to lobby the state legislature to extend the death penalty beyond killing people. A couple of days ago, someone filmed the below and posted it to a site called 4Chan (parts of the site are NSFW). I’m warning you, don’t watch this if you’re faint of heart.

I think there’s a special place in hell for this psychopath and her cameraman. The part that blows me away is posting it to the Internet in the incomprehensible belief that people will think it’s a cool stunt — usually when people do dumb things and post the video, they’re trying to win some kind of notoreity that they can parlay into some other advantage. If they figure out who this girl is – and there’s an international effort to identify her sweeping the Internet – they’re going to find her dead in a ditch within a week. And when the dogs and cats finally take over, I hope there’s going to be a whole lot of payback.

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2 Responses to When the Animals Take Over, Some of You are Going to Burn

  1. pithypants says:

    You’ll have to tell me the nutshell of what she does, because I don’t think I can watch it. People who are intentionally cruel to animals are broken.

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