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Holy Crap, These Things are Real?

Turns out, there are monsters in the water that aren’t just the result of rummy sailors’ imaginations. I’m never swimming in the ocean again. Continue reading

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A Resonable Approach to Meat

Today, I heard one of the better fiction authors I’ve read advocate some very real approaches to the consumption of meat. Continue reading

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Ah, 419. I’ve Missed You.

It’s about time someone offered me millions of dollars for doing nothing. Continue reading

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You Go

I feel the vague impulse, nay imperative, to be, per some miscellaneous recent happenings, somewhat vague about the point I am trying to make today. Nevertheless, I feel almost able to express a likeness to resolve, should the Fates and … Continue reading

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When Go-Getting Gets You Nowhere

I’ve also always heard that God helps those that helps themselves, but apparently the Chicago Transit Authority doesn’t agree. Continue reading

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Humanity out of the Labyrinth

For a quick and wonderful story of a real creature in a mythical modern world, I’d recommend that anyone who loves interesting literature take a smoke break themselves. Continue reading

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Only in New York

On a beautiful, windy day, miniskirts and going commando are both great ideas … just not at the same time. Continue reading

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Sometimes Wrong is Right

Sometimes, it takes more talent to do something wrong than to do it right. Continue reading

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When the Animals Take Over, Some of You are Going to Burn

Just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water, someone does something so stunningly cruel and stupid, you’re tempted to lobby the state legislature to extend the death penalty beyond killing people. Continue reading

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