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Selling the Dream

I admire salespeople because they know how to ask for things they want, but that doesn’t exempt them from corporate bullshit. Continue reading

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The Creek Did Rise

When disasters are big enough, we find a numb spot in our minds to push them out of consciousness. It’s not acceptable. Continue reading

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It’s Okay, I’m Catholic

If you can make a cop laugh, it’s only fair you be allowed to go sleep it off. Continue reading

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Return of the Yeti

Matt should be blogging to entertain the rest of us. With great power comes great responsibility. Continue reading

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There’s Something in the Pool

Alison came over yesterday and we took the kids to Splashdown Water Park. Somewhere between re-applying SPF 70 and making a lifeguard squeal when the girlchild splashed enthusiastically, we were standing around waiting for Kylie to use the bathroom. Aidan … Continue reading

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This *Was* the Droid I Was Looking For

Running on an Android phone feels to me like joining the Rebellion against the Empire. Which isn’t as grandiose as it sounds, because I’m pretty sure I still get cast as Chewbacca. Continue reading

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Court of Public Opinion: Can v Should

Freedom of speech and of religion is only important when you’re exercising it in a way that someone wants to stop, but that doesn’t make it any less obnoxious. Continue reading

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Late Notice is Better than None

My brother came into town for a blitzkrieg visit, but late notice for a weekend with the family will forever pale in comparison to finding out he got married. Continue reading

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Extremely Poignant & Incredibly Good

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, by Jonathan Safron Foer, struck a chord in me that few books have and I’d enthusiastically recommend it to anyone. Continue reading

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By Any Other Name, Would Smell as Sweet

I’m not sure whether my closest friends and family are amazing or juvenile … all I know is that the fart jokes that surround me make me laugh all the time. Continue reading

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