Monthly Archives: July 2010

Saginaw Rock City

Metallica in 1993 stands out as the greatest concert-going experience I’ve ever had. Continue reading

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TO INFINITY AND … nevermind

Quitting or downsizing the space program may spawn a whole new generation of super-villains. Continue reading

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Ten Rules for My News Feed

While it probably isn’t all that important to most people whether I’m catching their status updates, I’m hoping to strike a blow for the silent majority that can’t take the barrage of Lady Gaga links. Continue reading

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Score One for a Funny God

Seems to me, any omnipotent being would at least have the self-confidence to find what’s funny in the quirks of happenstance. Continue reading

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Squirrel Season

I was minding my own business when a young squirrel couple descended onto my balcony and one proceeded to knock the bottom out of the other. Continue reading

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Fear the Peacock

The theme for downtime from work in 2010 has been Alison and I jumping in my car and driving until we lose our Internet connections. Continue reading

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