Mayonnaise: the Key to Cool?

I was in New York again last week and per normal, I caught the train home from Penn Station. They have a series of billboards that rotate various advertisements. Also per normal, I perused them while I was waiting to board my train, but the latest set I caught provoked a little more resentment on my part than they usually do.

“Are you mayo or are you Miracle Whip?” This is an actual question posed by Madison Avenue.

Are you kidding me? I snapped a couple of photos of the billboards I saw, and they didn’t come out. Hence a shot I pirated from another blogger:

You can see where they think they’re going with the ad campaign – this is “not your father’s Oldsmobile” of sandwich spreads. Or of salad dressings … I think that Miracle Whip bills itself as both. They’re trying to tell us that we’re stodgy if we put mayonnaise on our sandwich or in our pasta salad, but if we put the artificial goop on/in, we’re edgy and hip and challenging to the status quo. We kick ass if there’s Miracle Whip on our sandwich.

Seriously? I think marketers need to give their products a little more scrutiny before engaging in a campaign like this. Does the brand of aspirin I take after a bender say similar things? What about my choice in toilet paper? We’re convinced that our car and our clothes and our music buys help to define us … I’m just not prepared to accept that the wrong salad dressing is one of the things that keeps me out of the cool crowd. Let’s face it – enough of their product and you’re one of the obese millions that will never, ever be be edgy or pa-zow or fearless or kaboom or ohmahgah.

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3 Responses to Mayonnaise: the Key to Cool?

  1. Alison says:

    What if you hate both mayonnaise AND Miracle Whip? What does that say about a person?

  2. Shelby says:

    What if you HATE Mayo and Miracle Whip? Does that make you an alien?

  3. popdialectic says:

    It makes you both healthy women who are too cool to go in for trendy advertising.

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