Sudden and Complete Overhaul

It was perhaps three (four? five?) months ago that I was out at my parents’ house for the weekend, and the water in Alison’s building cut out. She gave me a ring and asked if it would be okay to roll by my place to take a shower. Of course, I responded. The look on her face the next day when she reported having ripped my towel rack out of the wall was heartbreaking, and naturally I reassured her immediately — that thing had been threatening to come out of the wall for a year, so just because she was standing there when it finally happened, it wasn’t her fault.

But have you ever started pulling a loose thread on a sweater and suddenly there’s no garment left? Replacing a towel rack turned out to be the impetus to completely overhaul my entire bathroom, and I’m jazzed at the results.

First, I had to repair the hole left by the old rack when it ripped out. That meant getting wall patches and putty, with the concomitant touch-up paint. Except that I have disliked the dingy off-white color of my bathroom walls since I moved in two and a half years ago (undoubtedly made worse by two years of smoke stains). A new towel rack meant a new toilet paper brace, and while I was at it, I might as well choose a new color for the room. Something more suited to my style and the realities of what goes on in there. I went with a milk chocolate color, for much the same reason that Napoleon wore a red vest when leading his troops into combat.

But if I were going to replace fixtures and re-paint … how much of the wall should I paint? Since I bought this condo, there was a 3×4 foot borderless mirror against the sink/toilet wall and that’s always seemed kind of low-class. It also meant that the etage I had over the toilet was the only storage space in the room, so all of my toiletries were out in the open. Sloppy. I’m repainting? Well, guess it’s time to rip down that mirror and put up a medicine cabinet, so paint that entire wall.

And while I’m at that, what about that crappy showerhead? Yup. Gone. And the window ledge in the shower where I’ve been keeping shampoo, razors and soap? That’s not good for the paint, and hence not good for the wood beneath it … I need a hanging rack. And I need a tray to keep things on when I find time to slip away for a soak. And I need a door stop to protect my new paint job. And I need a new shower curtain and liner to complement the grays in the shower tiles and the chrome of the new fixtures and the new wall color …

No idea why the walls in the foreground look so electric - they're a nice smoky blue.

Done, done and done. To understand the excitement that’s prompting this post, you have to understand that I’m a dreamer. I’ve been mulling all of this for months, but I got ambitious suddenly and attacked the whole thing in the space of a few days. Nothing in the room is the same as it was when I woke up last Thursday morning. I credit Alison for waking me up to the possibilities in my condo, and I’ve been feverishly sorting things to throw or give away, and reorganizing the rest of it. It’s been about six years that I’ve been doing the bachelor existence and now I’m finally on my way to making myself comfortable in my own space.

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3 Responses to Sudden and Complete Overhaul

  1. pithypants says:

    Looks great! The brown really turned out nicely and the mirror looks SO MUCH better. And I was laughing, thinking, “Hmmm, I don’t remember turquoise walls in the hallway.” Thanks for clarifying that it was simply a trick of the camera. 🙂

  2. Babs says:

    I love it! You did a great job 🙂

  3. Bonnie says:

    Plus the satisfaction lasts for weeks, if not months! Way longer than the proportion of expense to budget in comparison to an expensive restaurant meal or attending a sports or drama event.

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