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Space Mountain

The lesson of Space Mountain came home last Fall, when she showed up: timing is everything. Continue reading

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Mayonnaise: the Key to Cool?

We’re convinced that our car and our clothes and our music buys help to define us … I’m just not prepared to accept that the wrong salad dressing is one of the things that keeps me out of the cool crowd. Continue reading

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You Only Think We Want to Know

I do understand that some people think that the solution to boredom is to talk on their phones. Which is to say, I don’t understand those people at all, but I am aware of it as a weird phenomenon. Continue reading

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Barbary Coast War, pt. III

I think I’m going to start telling people that they’re off sides when I don’t want to listen to them. Continue reading

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The Downfall of Game Shows

Recent game shows are far inferior to those we grew up with, and that’s not just an “In my day” kind of judgment. Continue reading

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I’m Not Prepared to Melt Yet

I’m starting to wonder which of Dante’s nine rings of Hell is the Beltway. Continue reading

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Kicking and Screaming, Dragged into World Sport

There’s something different and fun about this World Cup: if you aren’t a fan, you’re finally in the minority. Continue reading

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Sudden and Complete Overhaul

Replacing a towel rack turned out to be the impetus to completely overhaul my entire bathroom, and I’m jazzed at the results. Continue reading

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Hey, I Like Some of Those People

The way I earn money tells you very little about who I am. Congressional hearings attacking Wall Street greed don’t tell you anything about my friends. Continue reading

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Secrets of the Sisterhood

I can’t believe that I’m 36 years old and it took me until the last month to realize that women are totally holding out on men. Continue reading

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