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Let’s Remember

Whatever Memorial Day means to you, it should not be a political statement. Continue reading

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The Value of a Decimal Point

Sometimes a bit of punctuation is pretty critical to expressing your meaning. Continue reading

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It’s Not All Greek

It’s not surprising that we can’t have a productive conversation about our place in the world, when we can’t even agree on what dialect to use to do so. Continue reading

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What’s in the Box?

I’ve always been in love with the idea of examining and deciding things for myself, but as I’ve grown older, I realize that there are times when you can go with the way things are done. Continue reading

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My Chosen Superpower? Imagination

It’s a modern world and a little imagination would make our pantheon of superheroes a hell of a lot more fun. Continue reading

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Basketball May Not Fund My Retirement

My son’s basketball game was supposed to be something between “He Got Game” and “Hoosiers.” Then Ernest P. Worrell showed up. Continue reading

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Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

Sixteen miles and what do you get? A life you actually want to be amidst. Continue reading

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Stuff of Nightmares

I wish the thing that stayed with me about some of these ads was a jingle that got stuck in my waking brain, rather than psychadelic monsters that won’t leave me alone at night. Continue reading

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The Wilds of Front Royal

Every once in a while, you have a special weekend somewhere that gives “Deliverance country” a whole new meaning. Continue reading

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Monday = Ambush = F#ck You

Monday, I felt about as prepared to deal with your junk today as the clever originator of the included photo was for an English test. Continue reading

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