Minute to Bore It

There’s a new program on NBC, and if you haven’t watched it, whatever you did instead was time better spent.  It’s called Minute to Win It (perhaps that should be in quotes instead of italics, which gives it the gravitas of a book …) and it takes contestants through a series of “challenges” through which they try to win increasing amounts of money.   Someone owes me an hour of my life back.

Interestingly, the show seems to be on the same set as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (again, query the use of italics).  Same lights, some of the same sound effects, same progression of “do you want to try to win the next level of money.”  And the host is at least as big a tool as Regis Philbin — don’t take my word for it, here he is:


Essentially, this whole show is about bar tricks.  Let’s face it, it’s absolutely stupid.  The episode I (kind of) paid attention to tonight had this woman balancing sode cans on edge, sorting M&Ms into glasses, playing the equivalent of beer pong, blowing cards off the top of the deck … essentially, anything that you or I would do to win a pint in a bar.  I’m surprised that it wasn’t about removing a matchstick from a glass without touching it or eating a dozen saltines in a minute.  It’s every bit the stupidity of the progression of Millionaire, without actually having to know anything.

Side note – one of the challenges alluded to the fact that contestants get to practice before they go on.  Seriously?  Not only could monkeys be trained to do these things, but contestants are being trained to do them?  I’m appalled for our society that this show is getting ratings.

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