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Better Living Through Cuisine

My renewed focus on food, while perhaps a pending imposition on my waistline, is making everything in life taste better. Continue reading

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Loud City

I realized that the reason they call New York “the city that never sleeps” is not that you can get Chinese food at four in the morning. Continue reading

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Sneaky King

It may only seem like breakfast sandwich wars, but I think the King is doing the Hamburglar proud. Continue reading

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Thoughts from the Road, pt. 1

There must be creative ways to take the roads back, and it’s a good idea to talk these ideas out so I don’t start damning the torpedos and just ramming people. Continue reading

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Warning: This Ad Will Break Your Knees

I can get behind the idea of an offer that I can’t miss, but I’d rather not take advantage of one that I can’t refuse. Continue reading

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Minute to Bore It

Essentially, this whole show is about bar tricks. Let’s face it, it’s absolutely stupid. Continue reading

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Franzen Comes Correct

Ultimately, I’m not sure I would have given the Pullitzer to this book (no one asked my opinion), but I would rank it highly as a magnificent example of character. And of dialogue, which is no mean compliment from me. Continue reading

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Reporting: FAIL

Here’s a hint: next time you want to decry the problem of date rape, don’t advertise beer in the middle of the article. Continue reading

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Silence is Golden

The police dogs frisking up and down the aisles don’t screen for boors. Continue reading

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