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Kill Or(ca) Be Killed

If you feed a wild animal fish long enough, sooner or later you’re going to start looking like one. Continue reading

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S’no More, Please

We got our asses kicked, and to claim anything else really ignores the reality of the situation. Continue reading

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Shoveling Something, Anyway

The guy downstairs didn’t appreciate the gesture at all. In fact, he clearly thought I was weird to chase him down to lend me a tool to work for his benefit. Continue reading

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Superbowl Saints

For professional sports to exist, there has to exist a dichotomy between the obvious conclusion that it’s a business, and the fans refusal to believe that it’s just business. It’s the suspension of disbelief that allows it all to be fun. Continue reading

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We aspire to the highest and best within ourselves, but sometimes that comes out in the form of fart jokes. Continue reading

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